dimanche 17 février 2008

the programme

11 am : wedding ceremony at the city hall of the 18th district (please be on time because it will last only 15 mn... )

Mairie du 18ème
1, place Jules Joffrin – 75018 Paris
M°: Jules Joffrin (line 12)

12 : aperitif in the "Jardins d'Eole", a park that is closed to our flat and a great place to enjoy sunshine if the weather is fine.

To go to the Jardins d'Eole, there are several possibilities :
- walking (25 mn)
- busing (15 mn), line 60 direction Gambetta, stop Ordener Marx Dormoy
- metroing (8 mn), line 12 direction Porte de la Chapelle, stop at Marx Dormoy

Les Jardins d'Eole

44, rue d'Aubervilliers - 75019 Paris

From 8 pm to the end of the night
: party at the Teinturerie de Plumes.

Buffet. We would like to organise a big pic nic with everyone’s favourite dish. There is of course no obligation but if you would like to bring something, please let us know what you can bring (starter, main dish, cheese, dessert or soft drinks). More information.

La Teinturerie de Plumes
3, rue Myrrha – 75018 Paris
M°: La Chapelle (line 2) or Château Rouge (line 4)

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